Hillsborough River State Park

With our 7 month RV adventure beginning in mid May we wanted time in the RV to think about what to take and where to put it.   Ole Red had been in the shop for a month getting outfitted for her journey so Hillsborough River State Park (HRSP) was a perfect spot to plant ourselves and talk about our route.  Readers of this blog will note many previous trips to HRSP in previous RV’s.

The month of February had seen the longest stretch of weather above 80 degrees around these parts so we were blessed to have a cold front actually reach down this far and bring temps Friday nite into the high 40’s and daytimes Saturday and Sunday into the mid 70’s…perfect camping temps for us Floridians!

Our Jeep “toad” wasn’t quite ready so we spent the entire weekend in the campground with our feet and bicycles only for transportation.  The park has miles of trails and paths as well as canoe and kayak rentals so there’s really no need to leave the park for entertainment.


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