Day 8 – The Price of Not Listening

It all seemed so simple…at least to me…right turn into grocery store parking lot. I’ve had several thousand miles driving the RV and making turns. Many fewer with the toad.

Four eyes better than and two…some lessons learned the hard way. Karen says watch out for the pole…I power ahead…confident…repairs we get to California…step for Karen to get into the Jeep. 🙁.

sort of…

Painful lesson but an understanding wife is a special thing. My mistake!

Fortunately nothing other than her side of the Jeep…and my pride.

I’m a lucky man…dumb me but forgiving wife. Listen next time Randy.

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – The Price of Not Listening”

  1. Showed your blog post to Gary. No words but a gasp when he saw the photos. Said he thought he remembered a time when I might have said something he didn’t listen to. “A” time isn’t quite how I remember but not holding a grudge is always a good thing. Nobody got hurt. So thankful.


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