Hello Texas – Day 11

Long ride from Louisiana to McKinney, Texas and our visit to MCD Innovation to have our window shades replaced. We’re fortunate the original 18 year old shades are still functional but the new shades will provide superior sun shading and easier operation, especially on the windshield.

Measurements Monday, fabrication Tuesday and Wednesday and install starting Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Hopefully we pull out early Friday. So it’s several days of sightseeing in and around Dallas.

Ignore the travel time on the Garmin track below…I turned it on when we first got up but we didn’t actually leave until 9….still a long 6 hour drive but mostly Interstate 20 so not particularly taxing.

Luckiest part of the drive was missing the big front that moved through Louisiana and mid-southern Texas. We caught only about 30 minutes of light showers.

4 thoughts on “Hello Texas – Day 11”

  1. Good report. Your beautiful yard is getting good rain here (finally). Robin starting her final week.as school audiologist but greatly enlarging her grandma profile. And, starting more on ‘mother of the bride ‘ stuff. We and Cricket are fine. I’m working on becoming a “Sous vide” chef and highly recommend it to you. Good results, minimal effort and almost no cleanup. Should have a future in RV cooking. Travel safe!


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