Copper Breaks State Park

We continue to inch west and north…and up.  Today’s journey to Copper Breaks State Park is highlighted below. We’re now at nearly 1,500 ft elevation but just watch in the days to come.

Along the route was something we hadn’t seen on this trip near the town of Electra (yes, really):

I didn’t realize how much wind energy Texas produces:

Also a rest stop information sign we’ve never seen before….fortunately for this top only the sign.

So we’ve arrived at Copper Breaks State Park.  Outside temperature 99 degrees, 31% humidity.  Inside temp 80 with both AC/s cranking and 30% humidity. Pretty comfortable actually….inside that is.

Stay tuned as we explore more over the next couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Copper Breaks State Park”

  1. Mike and I were blown away (no pun intended) by the miles and miles of wind turbines when we traveled through different areas of TX and out west. We did not get as much rain as expected here yesterday. No rain today. Just cloudy. We had an uneventful day. Enjoy the cooler weather as you start your climb. Take care and safe travels.


  2. Look out for rattlesnakes! I guess we will never know if a rattler was our visitor in Tucson. Maybe it’s like living in FL where alligators live. Don’t see alligators unless we go to myakka! Stay cool. We are having a heat wave in mpls now. It’s so odd.


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