Goblin Valley State Park and a Scary Ride


An Eerie Experience

We took a side trip while visiting Capital Reef to visit Goblin Valley State Park.  This park feels like you are visiting another planet as it appears devoid of life and has some of the most colorful rock formations ever seen.  We thought we’d take a hike through some of the sandstone goblins but quickly learned that hiking in 100 degrees plus temps in this environment is not fun.

On our way out of the park we noticed a gravel road “short cut” on the map that would return us to our campground.  At the turn off there were other cars in front of us so we felt safe taking the route.

The road, called Cathedral Valley,  turned out to be a 58 mile, 3 hour trip through “Mars”!  The photographers in the two other cars in front of us turned off half way through the trip in search of bentonite rock mounds.  Needless to say, after traversing through no-man’s land and fording a stream I soft sand, we made it out alive.  We don’t know if we would take this trip again but it was an experience we will never forget!



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