Bryce Canyon National Park – Part 1


As you can see this part of Utah is rich in Nationally preserved areas. and best of all Kodachrome served as a great location near Bryce and other nearby parks.

7AE139D3-F2F6-453D-8338-9FBFFEDFC48EClosest to us was Bryce Canyon National Park. Our first day’s adventure in Bryce was to drive to Yovimpa Point at the far end of the park and work our way back stopping at each of the feature points on the return trip to the visitor center. This map will show just how big Bryce really is. Here are but a small few of the highlights.

Yovimpa Point and Bristlecone Loop Trail.

Black Birch Canyon

Ponderosa Point

Agua Canyon

Natural Bridge

Fairview Point

Swamp Canyon

Bryce Amphitheater containing Inspiration Point, Sunset Point and Sunrise Point finished our drive from the far end of Bryce to the Amphitheater which is closest to the entrance and the most photographed.  It would also serve as the jumping off point for Day 2 in Bryce.

And at the end of our day, near the main entrance is the wonderful 1924-25 Bryce Canyon Lodge.  We had lunch in the Lodge and enjoyed a bit of their WiFi after lunch. 

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