Grand Canyon South Rim


We left Page Arizona for the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Ten-X, a US Forest Service Campground just outside the south rim of the Canyon. This was the perfect jumping off point for exploring the Canyon.

The Canyon provides innumerable opportunities to hike, bike and explore the natural beauty of this special place.


Perhaps the most spectacular event of our Grand Canyon adventure was a chance to fly over the south and northwest rims by helicopter…Karen’s first helicopter flight.

A special “must visit” on the south rim is the 1905 El Tovar Hotel.  This was one of the special hotels owned and operated by the Fred Harvey Companies. The beauty by today’s standards makes it all the more amazing to consider given the time it was constructed and the logistics needed to operate it.


The main public structures on the south rim were designed by Mary Colter, an architect for the Fred Harvey Company. Her famous structures included the 1905 Hopi House, 37B818B1-44E1-42CC-8E61-6EAE5C4D6FCDthe 1914 Hermits Rest

at the north end of the park and the 1932 Desert View Watchtower

as well as the 1935 Bright Angel Lodge and 1922 Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon.

There’s much more to do and see than we could fit in….and this was our second trip to the South Rim!


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