Into the Desert in Search of Presidential Libraries

After a wonderful time in the Grand Canyon it was time to pound out some miles. We planned to spend the 4th of July at my sister Jacqui and brother in law John’s home near San Jose and wanted to see the Nixon and Reagan Presidential libraries in Southern California on our way. So our first long, hot day took us 220 miles to Needles, California and Elks Lodge 1608.  This two night stopped allowed a laundromat stop and parts to repair a leak in a water heater fitting.

Although the beautiful Colorado River runs through Needles it’s a place you probably don’t want to visit in the summer.  Temps were well over 100 degrees during the day with a one day record on the Jeep thermometer of 127!1D317E18-6C95-4C13-8A95-0098E55A5F51

From a Needles we traveled another long 229 miles to Lancaster, CA Elks 1625, our 3 day hub for the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda  and the Reagan Library in Similar Valley.


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