Nixon Presidential Library

Presidential Libraries provide a chance to refresh our memory about the history of our country. My guess is that most folks will remember Richard Nixon like this.

…the famous disgraced goodbye as he left the White House after his resignation in the face of impeachment proceedings.

Forgotten, perhaps are the other facets of a presidency and that was certainly the case with our visit to the Nixon Library. There was a frank and honest treatment of his downfall for sure, but, like the other Presidential Libraries on this trip there’s an attempt to reflect the entire scope of each Presidents term.


In this case the site of the Library is the actual site of Nixon’s birthplace…including the bed in which his mother gave birth.


While Nixon’s legacy may include surprising domestic accomplishments,


He will perhaps be remembered more for his 1968 campaign promise to end the Viet Nam war.   The link shows the often frustrating realization of these promises. Regardless of who started…who ended, and why….the true price in human terms is unquestionable.


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