Reagan Presidential Library

Simi Valley hosts the Presidential Library of Ronald Reagan.  As we walked up to the front door from the parking lot we met an amazing man who would become our06BA61CE-A464-4FAF-A146-C0F03468CA59

our personal docent for the day…and a Floridian to boot!  RW was making his inaugural visit to visit two special features of the Reagan Library….President Reagan’s final resting place 1B078B1A-2DAA-4813-A917-6AE48061A131and Air Force One 094B392C-10B0-4FAF-B78D-D858CA6DBABB

As a young Air Force security officer RW was assigned to Air Force One during President Reagan’s term as one of a contingent of Air Force personnel who’s job it was to protect Air Force One during the greatest number of world-wide travel miles of any President until that time. It was obvious…and we could feel the love RW had both for the President and this aircraft.  We learned a lot from him and will be forever grateful for having spent time with him.12BB93E0-3ADA-4E3A-B84A-97C6DA104C79

Even more amazing is that RW had recently retired, sold his home and was traveling the country in his own RV.

The Regan Library reminded us of what a remarkable man Reagan was before, during and after his Presidency. 8E811AC6-9A09-4A78-879F-6F80BE5573CC

It was sobering to us to remember that the Reagan presidency will began almost 40 years ago!  Equally sobering for us was to consider the following:


No one wants war!  Yet we believe that those who can’t defend themselves are likely to become victims and being prepared can never be taken for granted.

As with other libraries we’re reminded how important it is to understand Presidencies in the context of their time.


This was a wonderful experience.


2 thoughts on “Reagan Presidential Library”

  1. It was my pleasure meeting you and providing some inside information. My visit was very emotional for me and talking with you helped. I was last on 27000 in 1986 and it was great talking to her again. President Reagan was an outstanding human. It did not matter what party you were in, he treated everyone with kindness and respect. Enjoy the rest of your journey. RW


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