Hawaii, The Big Island-Part 1

Karen and I have previously visited Maui b ut never had the opportunity to visit the Big Island. As always Karen did an amazing job researching the Island and finding wonderful bed & breakfast lodgings from which to explore the Island.

We flew in Hilo, one of two airports on the Island. Our first B&B, The Bay House was a short distance from downtown.  The Palm Room provided a wonderful starting point for exploring the area around Hilo.

A highlight of this part of the island was Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens.

Waterfalls are plentiful all around the Island and Hilo has its share.

And caves formed by ancient lava flows.

Next up was a visit we had mixed feeling about. We made reservations to stay in Volcano our intention was to visit Hawaii Volcanos National Park.  That was before the Parks closure after the eruption of Kīlauea Volcano in May.  Watch this interesting video from the National Park Service on the volcano and its eruption. 

No visit to the Hilo are would be complete without a visit to Mauna Loa Macadamia’s headquarters.  YUM.  Bet you can’t guess what nut is the worlds hardest?

Our stay in Volcano was wonderful despite our inability to visit the Park. We stayed at Hale Ohu, a wonderful new B&B owned by two sisters. Imagine buying an renovating a historic property in the year before the closure of the Park!  They and many businesses in the area were grateful to those who understood that the beauty of the Volcano area was only partly due to its proximity to the park.

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