Kīlauea Volcano

We knew that our trip to the Big Island would be different than originally planned.  Yet, the area around the town of Volcano is beautiful and interesting. One of the highlights was dinner at the historic Kīlauea Lodge.  Little did we know that dinner would provide us with our first earthquake…a 5.2…during dinner.

You’ll notice no one is panicking…at least those in the picture.  We had a similar event at 3 am the next night.  These quakes are caused by the inward slumping of the rim of the volcano as the lava flows from beneath.  Daily reports are provided by the USGS.

Evidence of what goes on beneath the Island can also be seen on the roadways still open in the area.

If it weren’t for volcanos there wouldn’t be a Hawaii.  Further evidence can be seen in this church, saved and moved after a past eruption.

The highlight of the trip was a helicopter flight over the active ocean enters and Fissure 8 where the current lava flow originates.

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