McClure Pass

Our last driving adventure took us south from Carbondale through the towns of Redstone and Marble to McClure Pass. Once again the Aspens stunned with color.

The town of Marble, closet to the Pass, was incorporated in 1899, and although it’s 2010 population was less than 200 souls, it’s claim to fame is its Yule Marble.  It’s quality rivals classical Italian and a Greek Marble and was used on the exterior of the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknowns in Washington, DC.  Not surprising thT most homes in Marble have house number monuments and yard art made of Marble!

The town of Redstone is located between Carbondale and Marble and played to host for dinner with Hans and Johanna.  Like so many Colorado towns Redstone has a rich history.  It began as part of the cal enterprise of John Cleveland Osgood.  As an experiment in “enlightened industrial paternalism”, Osgood constructed 84 cottages and a 40-room inn, all with indoor plumbing and electricity, for his coal miners and cokers, as well as modern bathhouse facilities, a club house with a library and a theatre, and a school. Most of these Craftsman-era Swiss-style cottages are still used as homes.

Among the historic structures of note are Redstone Castle2E043008-C52B-45BF-A21E-12D9995868C4

and The Redstone Inn, our dinner venue.1634E3FF-632D-436E-B68D-F67192C522BD

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