Seven Falls

Senen Falls, “The Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado”, is a box canyon that was purchased and preserved in the late 1800’s but naturalist James Hull.  Hull built a stairway to the top of the falls and built a road through the canyon.  Customers came by horses, burros, and carriages and paid a toll to enter Seven Falls. It then became a tourist attraction.

The property, now 1,400 acres was bought for $250,000 by Callidore Dwight Weimer in 1905.  Weimer, a successful mine owner and developer born in Ohio, had become a permanent resident of Colorado Springs in 1903.  Melvin Weimer, and his wife Frances, co-managed the Seven Falls business.

It was sold to Al Hill, a Colorado College student and an oilman from Texas, in 1946. To extend business hours into the nighttime, Hill added lights in the canyon in 1947. In 1947, a Christmas tradition was started of opening the canyon at night free to the people of Colorado Springs and allowing a charity to collect donations.  The Seven Falls park was wiped out after a flood in 1965. In December 2002, a dynamic Martin Architectural lighting system was installed which bathed the cascades in color.  Seven Falls is still known as the only fully lit canyon in the world.

Five days of heavy rains in mid-September 2013 caused similar damage to a significant flood in 1965. The worst hit area of the city, the southwest side of Colorado Springs received up to one foot of water. The large amount of water flowing over the falls resulted in five, rather than seven falls. The Seven Falls park had downed trees, standing water, mud, and a damaged road. The park was closed and the incoming streets were blocked.  In April 2014, it was announced that The Broadmoor had purchased Seven Falls, with plans to reopen the park in 2015. The property had been owned by the A.G. Hill family for 68 years.  The Broadmoor re-opened Seven Falls on August 13, 2015.


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