Really High in Colorado

Pikes Peak can be seen from virtually every vantage point around. Colorado Springs. The mountain is named in honor of American explorer Zebulon Pike who was unable to reach the 14,115 foot summit. The summit is higher than any point in the US east of it’s its longitude.

The drive to the summit is paved the entire way but construction of new facilities at the summit requires a short, 3 mile van ride from a staging point at the 16 mile waypoint.

Pikes Peak is home to the famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  The track measures 12.42 miles and contains 156 turns and climbs 4,720 feet in elevation.  The current record 7 minutes, 52 seconds in 2018 by an all electric Volkswagen I.D. R driven by Romain Dumas.  You do the math on the speed!  

2 thoughts on “Really High in Colorado”

  1. Mount Evans is higher just not as popular. You can drive to the top of it to. A little north of Pikes Peak West of Denver

    Enjoying the chronicles of of your trip, very envious.



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