Moving Into The Plains

It didn’t take long after leaving Colorado Springs heading east to see the flat land of the Plaines.6E55328D-DE73-4CBB-B1A0-63E3ECB686AEOur first overnight stop was Shady Grove Campground in Seibert, Colorado.  Simple, clean overnight.

Next day on to Ellis, Kansas.  The City’s Lakeview Campground was a wonderful 2 night stay even with cloudy skies and foggy overnights.B22FE69D-D228-4CA4-A2EF-744A937D6181

Ellis is a small town (population approximately 2,000) without much development but it has an interesting history dating back to the mid-1800’s as settlers moved west.   A highlight of this stay and a landmark in the history of Ellis is St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  This history, contained on the Church’s website, tells the story of the town and the Church’s role in its history.

History of St Marys Parish

We enjoyed Mass and could “feel” the community of Ellis through those in attendance.

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