Branson, Missouri

We’ve enjoyed our stay at Musicland Kampground in the heart of Branson. The park has over 100 sites and although it’s densely packed, the elevation changes really hide most of the rigs from your view.

The park also can arrange seats at any of the dozens of shows Branson is so famous for. Yes, it’s a Disneyland type of tourist town…Las Vegas for families…but the entertainment is legit.

Yesterday we attended The Petersen Family Band. This musical family has had a steady run for over 8 years and was a joy to watch. The families 4 children (from 16 to early 30’s, are gifted instrumentalists and their vocal harmony is beautiful. Their bluegrass/country/gospel repertoire is extensive in both cover offerings as well as original songs. Best of all is the obvious love they have for each other, their music and their faith. Refreshing in today’s world.

You may remember Ellen Peterson’s appearance on American Idol in 2015.

Here’s a song from the group in yesterday’s performance.

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