New Orleans

The Elk’s Lodge in Metairie, Louisiana would be our home base for visiting Karen’s uncle and his girlfriend in New Orleans.  We arrived in time to a full house of Elk members enjoying a New Orleans Saints football game.  We were one of two RV’s parked at the Lodge and as we checked in we learned that the Lodge rents out its large parking lot to movie production companies filming in the New Orleans area…and we were told that although they’d come in overnight they’d leave us plenty of room to come and go during our stay.

Then, somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, we awoke to the sound of activity around our RV.  A quick peak out the window revealed dozens of semi trailers, trucks and a bee-hive of workers moving into the parking lot, laying power cables and neatly organizing a movie production lot complete with dressing rooms, prop and costume trailers and a large catering operation.  By morning the entire operation was in full swing…and as promised, a neat layout that allowed us to come and go with ease.

The production being filmed is a 10-episode  series, On Becoming a God in Central Florida,  premiering on YouTube Premium, the latest in a host of streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.   The series will tell the true story of an Orlando area amusement park worker who created a multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme.

Then, one afternoon two days later, after filming in the area, the entire production facility picked up left us alone in the parking lot.  Pretty amazing thing to see.

Our first stop in New Orleans was the National World War II Museum.  The museum is easily a two-day ticket with 5 separate pavilions:

  1. Louisiana Memorial Pavilion – the Museum’s original pavilion, which features the institution’s newest permanent exhibit that tells the story of the war experienced on the Home Front. The building also includes the Museum’s original D-Day exhibit, macro-artifacts, special temporary exhibits, and the L.W. “Pete” Kent Train Car Experience
  2. Solomon Victory Theatre – the epic story of World War II in the exclusive 4D experience Beyond All Boundaries, narrated by Tom Hanks.
  3. Campaign’ of Courage:  European and Pacific Theatres – The galleries serve as an immersive timeline and provide a service member’s view of the war.
  4. US Freedom Pavilion:  The Boeing Center – Exhibits describe the history and production of war machines and honor service in every branch of the military.
  5. John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion – up-close view at some of the Museum’s extensive collection of macro-artifacts, and learn how STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) helped solve some of World War II’s toughest problems.

We spent the entire day at the Museum and couldn’t see all there was to experience.  A special treat was the Bob Hope exhibit depicting this Hollywood icon’s contribution to entertaining the troops.

Why is a landing craft shown in the picture below?  Follow this link to find out.

The remainder of our enjoyable time in New Orleans included a visit to the New Orleans Museum of Art Sculpture Garden, a walk through the French Quarter and lunch at the famous Commander’s Palace restaurant in the Garden District.  Truly an enjoyable time with family in this historic city.

Day 8 – The Price of Not Listening

It all seemed so simple…at least to me…right turn into grocery store parking lot. I’ve had several thousand miles driving the RV and making turns. Many fewer with the toad.

Four eyes better than and two…some lessons learned the hard way. Karen says watch out for the pole…I power ahead…confident…repairs we get to California…step for Karen to get into the Jeep. 🙁.

sort of…

Painful lesson but an understanding wife is a special thing. My mistake!

Fortunately nothing other than her side of the Jeep…and my pride.

I’m a lucky man…dumb me but forgiving wife. Listen next time Randy.

Lake Claiborne SP – LA

NAC to Sarasota 2017After picking up Ole Red in Nacogdoches we paid a visit to the previous owner near Galveston, TX who had agreed to re-install the solar panels and charge controller that he’d initially decided not to sell with the coach.  We had wonderful time getting to know the previous owner and his spouse.  Learned a ton more about the coach.

We’d initially thought we’d return to Florida via Interstate 10 to Interstate 75.  By the time we left Texas a weather system appeared to line our exact interstate route.  We decided to head north in to Louisiana before turning east and eventually arrive at Florida Caverns State Park near Marianna, FL….our next stop.


Karen discovered Lake Clairborne SP on State Highway 146 near Homer, LA.  We arrived late in the afternoon and left the next day convinced we would have enjoyed more time here.


Follow this link for more photos of Lake Clairborne SP.