Crater Lake Day 2

After having a chance to view the lake from the Rim Drive we were excited to get out on the water and see the lake from “below” the Rim. We got a early start because our  lake tour required we return approximately half way around the Rim to the Cleetwood Cove Trail, the only legal access to th shore of Crater Lake and the site of the Park Services lake tour launch facility.  The trail is a 1.1 mile, 11% grade with numerous switchbacks.4C23D771-60C1-456C-8A4C-ED47C8901A60

The video below is a bit long at 8 minutes since it includes much of a Ranger Dave’s presentation on the history and geology of Crater Lake.

Crater Lake – Day 1

We were thrilled to finally get a chance to visit Crater Lake National Park. Karen had a brief visit on a prior trip to the area but I had never seen it. We decided to overnight in a Park cabin so we’d have more than on day to explore. We arrived after lunch and spent most of our first day taking the 33 mile Rim Drive which circumnavigates the Lake.

After we checked in to the cabin we heads back up to Crater Lake Lodge for dinner. Like each of the National Park lodges we had visited the architecture harkens back to a grand era of US National Park history. Dinner was a fabulous change of pace from Oregon seafood with each of us choosing a delicious Oregon grass fed steak!

Here are the highlights of day 1.

Shady Cove

After spending nearly a month on the Oregon Coast we moved inland to Karen’s cousins on the same Rogue River. The trip down the Oregon coast was as beautiful as any we’ve traveled. As you can see our route took us south into California before heading back into Oregon through Grants Pass, through Medford and into Shady Cove.

It’s a spectacular drive along the Smith River along US 199 through the Rogue River–Siskiyou National Forest.

In addition to allowing us to spend quality time with Karen’s cousin and her husband, their home provides a perfect jumping off point to see a Crater Lake. Stay tuned.

Running the Rogue

The history of the Rogue after the 1850’s includes fur trapping, fishing, and gold mining. Because of it’s remote location communication by mail was difficult. The history of the mail boats on the Rogue gave rise to today’s Rogue Jet boats…which still carry mail.

Jerry’s Rogue Jets began in 1958 and its technology makes it a leader in nature based excursions. We enjoyed the 104 mile excursion.

But enough of the history…let’s go ride a Jet Boat.  See if you can find Ole Red.

Shore Acres

Just west of our Coos Bay campsite is Shore Acres, the site of the 1905 homestead of Louis and Cassie Simpson.  The original home, a Christmas present for Cassie, was enlarged in 1914 to include a Roman Bath with a 26’x52’ swimming pool and completion of the spectacular gardens preserved today.

Cassie died after a long illness in 1921 and the mansion burned to the ground in 3 months later.  Louis and his second wife, Lela, moved into a second mansion that spanned 224’ along the bluff.  Between 1927 and 1942 the Simpsons gradually donated and sold the property to the State of Oregon.  The US Army occupied the site and the mansion became a barracks and officers club. The mansion was razed by the government due to maintain the property.  Louis died in 1949.

Our visit was really enjoyable but the highlight was watching the whales feeding just offshore. Karen captured this awesome picture!D29051F6-84D4-49A1-BFAD-C4FC1AEEBC50