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Picking Up ‘Ole Red’


img_3696Two months after initial purchase we flew back into Houston and rented a car for our return to Nacogdoches to pick up our “new to us” Foretravel.  We’d forwarded several large boxes out to Motorhomes of Texas and friends Mike and Jackie in Nacogdoches.  We planned a leisurely 2 week trip back to Florida.

Ole Red, as we had chosen to name her, was gleaming from a full detail at the hands of Precision Auto Detailing in Nacogdoches.


Countless trips later to Walmart and Lowes we had her stocked up for the return trip.img_3707

But Nacogdoches offers lots to do along shopping runs.





A Great Breakfastimg_3700

In a historic town.





A New Beginning – Part 2

This is how she appeared the day we arrived at Motorhomes of Texas in Nacogdoches…nearly 2 years after we began our search for a 34′ Foretravel.  We’d flown to Houston and rented a car for the drive to Nacogdoches.

We had a pre-purchase inspection done, wrote the check and left the coach at Motorhomes of Texas for a host of work to be done before picking it up to drive back to Florida.