RV Stuff


1.  Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Truck and 5ver:  Needed peace of mind riding down the road.  RV tires seem notoriously suspect to blowout…real or imagined.  After researching I felt the best product for me was the TST 507 System.  Great people to deal with and effortless warranty replacement.

2.  Kayaks:  We miss the canoe we used with the old pop-up so we’ve added Wilderness Tarpon 120 Ultralite Kayaks to the list of toys that travel with us.  Simply too much water where we camp to miss getting out on it!

3.  Energy Management System:  Think about how many different places you plug your rig into and how much electronic stuff you carry in your rig from TV’s to A/C’s!  Imagine how exposed we are to power surges and the potential for old or mis-wired pedestals in the parks we visit…even if just for the night.  Since I’m not an “electrical guy” I decided to let smart power technology protect us and all our electronic stuff.  After much reading I decided on the hardwired, 50 amp EMS from Progressive Industries.   Now when we pull in I plug the shore power in knowing that our EMS will not allow power to enter the unit if its not just exactly what its supposed to be.  And, if a power surge should hit our rig is protected.  And, best of all, the manufacturer is an RV’er who offers 24×7 tech support and all components are user replaceable!  It was easy to install…or at least it seemed easy as I watched our local RV tech do it.  If you have any mechanical skills this seemed like it would be easy…I just didn’t have the time.

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